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This is what college students in Sweden are doing when they actually should be studying. Drawing on the white board! Anyways it’s a cute elephant…


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Need A Car?

I was leaning out of the window when I took this picture and not one of my classmates said ” Don’t jump!” makes me feel really special to them…

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Went bowling today with two of my friends, let’s just say I neither won or lost.

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Driving Madness

This is Korsvägen, a few minutes south of central Gothenburg, if you are a madman then you will drive here with a car but if you are a sane person…then you will take the tram. It may look pretty calm in this picture but during rush hour not even the devil wants to be present.

The other side of Korsvägen, the two towers will soon be three and the third one will be about 100 floors high. In Sweden that’s a big deal since we aren’t that famous for our skyscrapers.

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Secret Hideaway

A little cottage in the north of Gothenburg, perfect for a weekend getaway or the need of a couple of hours away from civilisation.

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Amusement Park

Liseberg, an amusement park in Gothenburg and I think its the largest one in the nordic countries or maybe not…but it’s one of the best parks I’ve visited.

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Greek Influence

A statue of the Greek sea god Poseidon, it’s located in-front of the Museum of Arts. If you stand in-front of the statue then you’ll have a great view of central Gothenburg.

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