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This was our traditional Christmas dinner. We had meatballs, mini sausages, Janssons frestelse (potato and anchovies dish), turkey with stuffing, porridge and last but not least the Iranian twist…Ghorme Sabzi (قورمه سبزی) is a traditional Iranian cuisine served with steam boiled rice, but it is possible to have it with bread. If translated in English word by word, it menas the stew of chopped beef and green leaves.

Let me just add that the reason that the table looks kind of disorganized is that I got home from work at 15:30 and then set the table since the guests were supposed to arrive at 16! Note the mini Christmas tree in the back of the picture below 🙂


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Here we have two examples of tea from the coffee machine at Medicinareberget, Gothenburg University. As we all know it would be a miracle if you would get a decent cup of coffee from these machines, but what about a decent cup of tea? You may know by now that I’m Iranian and for us it’s a big deal that the tea tastes like…well tastes like tea…we don’t ask for much.

Back to the machine, I highly recommend the cup of tea to the left, it’s called Chai Latte and it’s yummy and the cup to the right is what I wouldn’t even give my worse enemy! Freaking Lemon Tea! Let’s just say that there was lemon in it and well lemon was all that was in it and lots of sugar.

Enjoy it!

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The Skanska Scraper is an 83 metre tall 23 floor post-modern skyscraper at Lilla Bommen near Barken Viking and Göta Älvbron in central Gothenburg. It is commonly referred to by people from Gothenburg as Legohuset (The Lego House) or Läppstiftet (The Lipstick). Skanskaskrapan was designed by Ralph Erskine in cooperation with White Architects and was built by Skanska in the late 1980s led by Gösta Backmark.

The building was finished in 1989 and has 27596 m² of office space, 2501 m² of shopping space and 1528 m² for other functions. The building is owned by Vasakronan AB. One may take the elevator to the highest floor, where there is a café called GötheborgsUtkiken (The Gothenburg Lookout) where one can view the city.

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The christmas decorations are out of their boxes and I can proudly say that christmas is ON!

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Christmas Lights!


A photo of Vallgatan (name of the street) with christmas lights. Isn’t it nice?

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