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Wonderful! Plenty of singers should thank Amy Winehouse, Adele is one of them even though her voice speaks for itself…


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Inside Zara

These tiny little shoes were just laying around on the floor in Zara (clothes store). I simply had to take a picture….so cute!

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I can never stop listening to this song…

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The Things We Eat…

Oh My God! They say that the food in high schools around Sweden is bad, but have they ever tasted the food we get served at college? I usually try to bring food from home since nobody cooks food the way my mother does but sometimes I forget and chicken, drenched in mystery sauce and rice is what I’m left with…but thankfully I always come home to my mothers food and it’s freaking yummy! Check out the shole zard (Iranian rice pudding) my mom made this past weekend. Love it!

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Here we have MacDonald’s at Kungsportsplatsen in central Gothenburg. This is the back of the restaurant (if you can call MacDonald’s a restaurant), don’t really know what I think of the wall color but all in all it’s pretty stylish for being a MacDonald’s. One really good thing about this particular place is that the staff is very polite and helpful, won’t be eating there everyday but I’ll probably eat there every other day…

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Meet My Boyfriend

Well…nobody can blame me for being superficial.

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God forbid, I’ve fallen in love with Layli

This is how the narrator realizes that he has fallen in love with his uncle’s daughter Layli. It’s a perfect book for someone to get a view of how an Iranian family could be and sometimes shouldn’t be like, but the main point of this book is the love story. A young man falling in love for the first time and the difficulties he has when he tries to make his love come true.

One moment you can’t stop laughing because of all the events that take place and in the next one you try really hard to keep your tears from falling. You’ll have a hard time putting the book down and when it finally has arrvied at an ending, you just want to read it over and over again.

I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

For more information about the author and this book visit: Iraj Pezeshkzad

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