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I saw this 1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer hardtop coupe a couple of months ago in Gamlestaden. The plate was from California 🙂

In 1958 the Dodge division of the Chrysler Corporation of Detroit, Michigan released among many three models called the Coronet, Royal, and Custom Royal. These models used the same turret as some Desotos, but had a distinctive body style of their own. The Coronet was produced as a base model of the three. It didn’t have as much chrome work as the other two models, which was especially noticeable on the front with the lack of ‘teeth’ and dress work.


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Peeping Tom


Where did all the kids go?

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The Haga church in Haga parish, Gothenburg, stood completed 1859 and was drawn of the architect Adolf W. Edelsvärd and it was built by Johan Joachim Ernst Dähn. The church has 1 000 seats and it’s located at Parkgatan, Haga kyrkogata and Sprängkullsgatan in Haga. Carl Henrik Hasselblad donated part of his land in that area so that a church could be built.

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Seriously (here I go again) at college there are alot of bikes laying around and that really isn’t a surprise but the thing is that most of these bikes have been abandoned for a very long time. I forgot to take a picture of the bike that was so nasty that if you threw it into a tank full of acid then the acid would evaporate instead of the bike…

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