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A nice view over the lake, not as good as the previous one since there are no reflections in the water because the sun wasn’t setting this time. The lake (Smörvattnet) is located in the northeast of Gothenburg, it’s pretty easy to get there by bus but when you arrive then you’ll have a looong nice walk before you reach your final destination. It’s worth it, trust me 😉 .


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Today was the day before the BIG day, Ana’s birthday is coming up tomorrow but we celebrated it early! We had a nice dinner at a cute greek restaurant that turned out to be run by iranians (!) and then we decided to walk over to the Botanical Gardens here in Gothenburg, that turned out to be a huge mistake.

At first the scenery was amazing and we were walking along and taking photographs like the one above until we reached a steel door, curiosity got to us and we opened the door and kept on walking. Pretty soon we realized that we no longer were in the park but that we were in the freaking dark woods! We start looking for someone to ask for directions but they all were either on a bike or running really fast, all hope was almost lost and we were starting to get scared when Ana decided to pick up a long stick so we could defend ourselves against the scary monsters.

Just as she picked up the stick a couple ran past us and she called out to them with the stick in her hand and amazingly this time they actually stopped and told us the way out of the freaking woods. I want to end this entry by saying that “Violence or a slight sign of violence solves pretty much everything“.

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I’m In A Good Mood

I don’t know why I posted a photo of frogs (took this photo in a mall in Vienna), but frogs make me happy 😀

I’m in such a good mood today, feels like things can only get better from here and on. Got some good news and now it’s up me to make things remain good for a long period. I also spent some time with Ana and her cat (LOL), he’s such a cutie! OK, I know that I screamed like a little girl when he came up to me but it’s not my fault since Ana has told some horrifying stories about the poor little kitty. Seriously, he was a cute little hairball 😉

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I Will Miss You!

My youngest brother is leaving…for college in another city. I will miss him so much! What are we going to do without that little clown of ours? I will miss the pranks we pull on eachother, me shaving a small part of his leg when he was sleeping and then making him believe that something was wrong with him or him just being the annoying little brother that he always has been. So what I want to say my sweet youngest brother is that I will miss you deeply but it’s a good thing I have another brother! 😀

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Grandpa’s Garden

My maternal grandpa likes to take care of flowers,plants and feed his two lovebirds instead of playing with his grandchildren. I don’t blame him since my young cousins are 4 little devils.

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