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Introducing myself, photo taken by Anastasia


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Berries Are Good

Taken in my garden

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He makes me laugh.
He makes me smile.
He makes me wonder.
You don’t do any of those things.

He argues with me.
He flirts with me.
He hates with me.
You aren’t capable of the above.

He enjoys my attention.
He enjoys my company.
He enjoys my rambling.
You take all those for granted.

He isn’t needy.
He isn’t annoying.
He isn’t you.
You get my drift?

This is an altered version of a poem by AbeItch

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Start Climbing

A stairway somewhere near the entrance to the botanical garden here in Gothenburg. It looks kind of mysterious and romantic, a nice place to get married but the guests would probably have to stand during the whole ceremony 😛 .

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