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Super Sushi

Super Sushi
Super Sushi is the best sushi place in Gothenburg. We often go there after college and so far we haven’t been disappointed by the food.
Phone: 031-3331555 ( +46313331555)
Address: Drottninggatan 50, Gothenburg

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Talk about being eager!

So I finally saw Twilight today. What’s my verdict? Kristen Stewart needs some acting classes and dont even get me started on Taylor Lautner (Jacob), because that kid can’t act even if it meant saving his life. I still think that they should’ve gone with Michael Copon as Jacob since it would make sense why Bella was attracted to Jacob, because that man is hot!

And then they cut out all the parts where Bella and Edward actually talk about their love for eachother and replaced it with scenes where music is playing and they talk but we dont hear them speaking. For those who havent read the books the whole ” I will die if I’m not with you” thing doesnt make sense since we dont actually see them act on their feelings.  The only good thing about the movie was that it ended.

I’m still going to watch the sequels when they come out. Why? Robert Pattinson!

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The interior decoration at the new pharmacology building at Gothenburg University.


Lots of tables where you can study 😉


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Autumn has arrived!

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