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I’m In A Good Mood

I don’t know why I posted a photo of frogs (took this photo in a mall in Vienna), but frogs make me happy 😀

I’m in such a good mood today, feels like things can only get better from here and on. Got some good news and now it’s up me to make things remain good for a long period. I also spent some time with Ana and her cat (LOL), he’s such a cutie! OK, I know that I screamed like a little girl when he came up to me but it’s not my fault since Ana has told some horrifying stories about the poor little kitty. Seriously, he was a cute little hairball 😉


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This is what college students in Sweden are doing when they actually should be studying. Drawing on the white board! Anyways it’s a cute elephant…

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Some Have It Good

This picture was taken at Universeum a place with different sections, such as a rain-forest, a large aquarium section with sharks, a space section and lots more. The idea is that school kids will find science and technology interesting and fun.

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