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Graffiti on the local library wall at Angered Centrum, a suburb 20 minutes northeast of Gothenburg.


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How come IKEA needs to have a sale (rea in swedish) when they claim to be so cheap? Because they aren’t really that cheap to begin with and they need to get rid of all the old rubbish so they can replace it with new rubbish so that people like me can go and buy it.

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black and white reflection

A cold december day in Gothenburg…without any snow!

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The interior decoration at the new pharmacology building at Gothenburg University.


Lots of tables where you can study 😉


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My birthplace Tehran. Wish I could be there right now.

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Just got back from a little trip to Austria and I gotta say…I had a BLAST except for the first week when I got some freaky stomach virus AND my lungs got infected!!! I was the only one among 25 people that got sick…it was so random!

As for the trip…Austria has so much more to offer than their perfectly trained horses. The Stephandom, Schönnbrunn Castle, the national library, the newly built public library and their many many many other beautiful sites that are easy to go to with Vienna’s public transportation.

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My aunt was in Greece last week and since I haven’t been able to go there yet, she took a bunch of pictures that made me want to go there even more than before. Enjoy!

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