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Set Sail

Barken Viking at the Gothenburg harbour.

Barken Viking at the Gothenburg harbor.

The Viking better known under her Swedish name as Barken Viking is a four-masted steel barque which was built in 1906 by Burmeister & Wain in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She came permanently to Gothenburg in 1950 as a home for different shipping institutions and later as a school of seamanship. Today she is moored in the Gothenburg guest harbour as hotel “Barken Viking”. The owner is Liseberg amusement park.

There are only ten four-masted barques and one four-masted full-rigged ship (the Falls of Clyde) in existence and only five of these still sail and because of the low bridges that separate the tall ship from the open sea it’s hard to believe she will sail the seas ever again.


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Tilt Your Head…


This artwork is behind the local shopping mall in Angered.

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Graffiti on the local library wall at Angered Centrum, a suburb 20 minutes northeast of Gothenburg.

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This playground is located in a suburb to Gothenburg, Angered, it actually wasn’t planned to be used as a playground but as a place for adults to exercise. Since the adults weren’t interested in working out the children took over the place.

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How come IKEA needs to have a sale (rea in swedish) when they claim to be so cheap? Because they aren’t really that cheap to begin with and they need to get rid of all the old rubbish so they can replace it with new rubbish so that people like me can go and buy it.

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The view from Lejontrappan at the center of Gothenburg.

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black and white reflection

A cold december day in Gothenburg…without any snow!

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