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Talk about being eager!

So I finally saw Twilight today. What’s my verdict? Kristen Stewart needs some acting classes and dont even get me started on Taylor Lautner (Jacob), because that kid can’t act even if it meant saving his life. I still think that they should’ve gone with Michael Copon as Jacob since it would make sense why Bella was attracted to Jacob, because that man is hot!

And then they cut out all the parts where Bella and Edward actually talk about their love for eachother and replaced it with scenes where music is playing and they talk but we dont hear them speaking. For those who havent read the books the whole ” I will die if I’m not with you” thing doesnt make sense since we dont actually see them act on their feelings.  The only good thing about the movie was that it ended.

I’m still going to watch the sequels when they come out. Why? Robert Pattinson!


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Introducing myself, photo taken by Anastasia

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He makes me laugh.
He makes me smile.
He makes me wonder.
You don’t do any of those things.

He argues with me.
He flirts with me.
He hates with me.
You aren’t capable of the above.

He enjoys my attention.
He enjoys my company.
He enjoys my rambling.
You take all those for granted.

He isn’t needy.
He isn’t annoying.
He isn’t you.
You get my drift?

This is an altered version of a poem by AbeItch

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I’m In A Good Mood

I don’t know why I posted a photo of frogs (took this photo in a mall in Vienna), but frogs make me happy 😀

I’m in such a good mood today, feels like things can only get better from here and on. Got some good news and now it’s up me to make things remain good for a long period. I also spent some time with Ana and her cat (LOL), he’s such a cutie! OK, I know that I screamed like a little girl when he came up to me but it’s not my fault since Ana has told some horrifying stories about the poor little kitty. Seriously, he was a cute little hairball 😉

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Graduation In Sweden

You know that summer has arrived when you see all the high school graduates ride around in big vans and scream as loud as possible. This was probably the last high school gradutation I’ll be attending until next year, when the jumping and screaming starts again.

Well now that all the graduation celebrations are over I can finally relax for two days before I go back to work for the entire summer. Hope that the great weather we are having here in Gothenburg will last during the whole summer, becuase my middle eastern blood can’t stand rain and cold climates.

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We finally got some action in our education, don’t worry there’s nothing inside them except for some NaCl (saltwater solution?). The different colours on each needle head shows for what use that specific needle is and therefore when you should use it.

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So I’ve been away from wordpress for about 2 or 3 months and trust me…the move I made over to blogger was a BIG mistake…not gonna do that again! Well anyways I’m back for good this time and I’ve got a bunch of photo’s to publish 😉

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